About us

Blonde teen girl wearing wreath with roses outdoors. Holding flower. Looking at camera. Romance.

Welcome to Darling Headbands, featuring exquisitely crafted head crowns, headbands and wreaths by talented artisan designers. Each of our products are constructed of quality materials, premium floral decors, precious stones and unique fabrics.

We assemble crowns, headbands and wreaths with great attention to detail to produce a surprising combinations for a unique and confident woman. Our crowns or headbands would be a fabulous option for wedding, baby photography, birthday, honeymoon or for any event where you want to look a little bit more fancy. So regardless of the kind of an occasion you’re gonna be purchasing our products for, be sure that we will do our best to keep our store’s range elegant, vivid and colorful!

Contact us today at 929-900-6467 to order your custom flower crown.